This page will give you a step-by-step approach to public transport in Barcelona, with images and useful tips.

First steps

Before you start travelling by public transport, there are two things that are needed, no matter what mean of transport you choose:

  1. Purchase a ticket. If you travel by bus, you can purchase a ticket directly to the driver, but I recommend that you buy them in vending machines located at Metro, FGC and Rodalies stations. Why machines? They’re available in multiple languages and you will have time to browse through all different tickets and make your decision. If you buy integrated tickets, it doesn’t matter where you buy them. You can buy a T-casual in a Metro station and then use it in a bus line.
  2. Decide what form of transport you will use. You can use bus and metro network maps, or you can also use Google Maps, which has a powerful engine that integrates public transport. Obviously, you can also choose to transfer between different services. Read more about trains and buses.
  3. Validate your ticket. Whenever you use public transport, your ticket has to be validated. When you travel through access control stations, your ticket is automatically validated when you insert it through the gates. For buses and trams, you need to find a validation machine (located inside the vehicle) and validate your ticket when you get in. Read more about validation.

Travelling from/to the airport

You can find a dedicated post on how to travel from Barcelona airport to the city here.