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If you’re using an integrated ticket with a limited amount of trips, you have 1 h 15 min from the first validation to finish your trip.

If you’re using an integrated ticket with unlimited trips, then you don’t have to worry about this. Your ticket is… unlimited.

If you have multi-zone tickets, you can add 15 minutes to your time-frame for each zone.

No. A single ticket is a non-integrated ticket and therefore you cannot transfer between operators.

A single ticket for Metro, however, will allow you to transfer between different Metro lines (as long as you don’t leave the gate-restricted area).

You can use each train operator once (using Metro implies that you can make unlimited transfers between different lines, as long as you stay within the gate-restricted area).

You can use multiple bus/tram lines, but you cannot use the same bus/tram line more than once during the same trip.


Most tickets are non-personal, meaning that they can be used by anyone (so you can buy a T-casual, use 4 out of 10 tickets, and then give it to your best friend so that he can enjoy the rest). However, most titles can only be used by one person at the same time.

T-familiar and T-grup are the only tickets which allow for simultaneous travel. This means that more than one person can travel at the same time using one ticket.

Officially, you’re only entitled to a replacement if your previous ticket was damaged by a faulty validating machine.

However, if you bought an unlimited ticket (like a T-usual or a T-jove) and you damaged it, you might be lucky and get a replacement.

As a rule, no. If the ticket has not been used (meaning that it has not been validated for the first time), you can change it for a different one that matches your needs and pay the difference.

Yes, you can buy tickets in this webpage. After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a collection code which will allow you to collect the ticket from any vending machine.

Unlimited travel tickets (like T-usual or T-jove) have their own expiry dates (either 30 days or 90 days after being used for the first time). However, tickets like T-casual (which grants 10 trips without setting any time-limit) will expire two months after fares are updated, which usually happens on the 1st of January of each year.

Therefore, a ticket purchased anytime during 2020 will stop being valid at the end of February, 2021.


Let me be honest: your chances are low. However, you can try to contact the lost-items department of the operator (click here for Metro and bus, FGC or Rodalies).

You should go to the police and make an official statement. If you attend a police station, an officer will help you with the procedure.

There is plenty of CCTV surveillance in trains and buses, but in most cases, the authorities won’t be able to start prosecuting without a statement from you; that’s why your contribution is essential.

You can attend any police station, namely:

  • Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police.
  • Guàrdia Urbana, Barcelona local police.
  • Policia Nacional, Spanish Nacional Police
  • Guardia Civil, Spanish Gendarmerie

Foldable scooters are considered equal to foldable bikes. Depending on the mean of transport:

  • Bus: only foldable bikes, as long as they are folded, obviously.
  • Metro: yes, except during rush hours on weekdays (7-9:30 and 17-20:30) From my experience, this restriction is not really enforced. Foldable bikes are always allowed.
  • FGC, Rodalies and Tram: yes, always. No one cares.

Hola Barcelona

Depends on how intensively you’re planning to use public transport. I have a post discussing this.

After the first validation, it gives you a certain amount of hours to travel. For example, the 2-day (48 h) Hola Barcelona card will give you exactly 48 hours of unlimited travel after the first validation.

Yes, it’s valid for all public operators and you can use it to go to the airport.

No. Hola Barcelona is only valid for normal public transport (including the Montjuïc funicular raliway), but not for touristic buses nor the Montjuïc cable car.

You get a 10% discount if you buy online in their official website.

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