Hola Barcelona, should I get one?

Hola Barcelona is TMB’s travel card targeted to tourists who want unlimited travel for a fixed period of time. Everything you need is pretty much included in the Hola Barcelona travel card:

From the 1st of September until the end of 2022, there is a temporary reduction of 30% to 50% in the price of T-Casual, T-Usual and T-Jove. Read more information here. Prices shown on this page do not reflect the discount, which should be applied on top of it.

You can get different travel cards depending on how long you wish to stay in Barcelona. Its price, obviously, will depend on this.

The time-period will start running after the first validation. For example, if you buy a 2-day Hola Barcelona ticket and you validate it for the first time at 14:35 May 5, it will stop working at 14:35 May 7.

Hola Barcelona travel cardPrice (€)
2 days (48 h)16.30
3 days (72 h)23.70
4 days (96 h)30.80
5 days (120 h)38.00
2020 prices for the Hola Barcelona travel card.

These tickets only grant you unlimited travel within Zone 1, which covers the city of Barcelona and the airport. However, in case you are planning to visit neighbouring cities, you won’t be able to do so with Hola Barcelona tickets; you will need separate tickets for that. Hola Barcelona tickets can be bought in TMB’s official website. You get 10% discount if you buy online.

Is Hola Barcelona a good deal?

example of a 2-dya Hola Barcelona travel card

Only if you plan to use public transport in a very intensive way for short periods of time. Its main drawback is that most users won’t use public transport so much. For example, think about the Hola Barcelona 2-day ticket: it costs 16.30 € and gives you unlimited trips during 48 hours, but a 10-trip T-casual is cheaper (11.35 €). The question is: will you need more than 10 trips during 48 hours?

It really depends on the type of tourist you are. If you like spending hours in a given museum or landmark, taking time to enjoy a coffe or having a walk before moving somewhere else, you will probably only use 3-5 trips a day, and therefore a T-casual is better value for money. However, if you like to move fast, take a quick glance at things and then move on somewhere else, you will probably use 5-7 trips a day, and then a 2-day Hola Barcelona ticket will be better for you.

2 days16.40 €T-casual (10 trips)11.35 €
3 days23.80 €2 x T-casual (20 trips)22.70 €
4 days31.00 €2 x T-casual (20 trips)22.70 €
5 days38.20 €T-usual (unlimited 1-month)40.00 €

In my opinion, the 3-day Hola Barcelona ticket is a better deal, because 1 T-casual (10 trips) is likely to be too little for a 3-day period, but 2 T-casuals cost nearly as much as the 3-day Hola Barcelona, which gives you unlimited travel.

I still think that, for most users, two T-casual tickets are better value than a 4-day Hola Barcelona card. Finally, do not get a 5-day Hola Barcelona ticket. If you are going to spend 38 € for 5 days of unlimited travel, then simply buy a T-usual, which gives you a whole month for just 2 extra euros.

Important! T-casual does not include trips to the airport via public transport, whereas Hola Barcelona and T-usual tickets do. If you know for sure that you will travel to/from the airport using integrated public transport (and not using other services like Aerobús or Taxi), then that’s an argument to buy Hola Barcelona tickets instead of T-casual.

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  1. Can we buy a T-Usual card for Zone 1 and 2 at the airport in a ticket machine? Or we have to use the TMB App to buy it and get printed it at a ticket machine at the airport somewhere? As I read that the T-Usual card is available on T-mobilitat app. Also please confirm that the price for a T-Usual card is still 26.95 EUR for a month. Thanks so much for your answer in advance.

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