The new T-Jove: how to get it?

To use discounted T-Jove ticket, you first need T-mobilitat

As of March 15, the T-Jove (the title with a specific discount for young people) has been completely renewed. Now it has the following features:

  • Available for people under 30 (before only up to 25).
  • Single price of €40 per month for all areas, valid for 3 months.

T-mobilitat is only available for residents in Spain. If you are a student, or you live and work in Spain, you can apply for T-mobilitat. If you are a tourist or a temporary visitor, you will have to use paper tickets for now.

As you can see, it is quite a bargain. In some cases, the T-Jove is up to 4 times cheaper than before. The biggest problem, however, is that it is now only available through T-mobilitat.

What is T-mobilitat? Simply put, it’s Barcelona’s Oyster card. We’ve taken a long time, but here we are. For those who don’t know what Oyster is: T-mobilitat is the new contactless ticketing system implemented in Barcelona. So T-Jove is a ticket that you actually purchase and load inside a T-mobilitat.

How to request a T-mobilitat card

  1. First, go to T-mobilitat’s official website.
  2. Sign up for a new account. If you have a Spanish NIF or NIE (National ID number) you can select “automatic verification”. This means that the system will automatically check if you are under 30 and will approve your request faster. If you don’t have any of these two, then select “Manual verification” and use your Passport number. You will have to provide a photo of your passport, and it will have to be manually approved by ATM, which can take a little bit longer.
  3. Fill in your details and attach a photo of your passport. Complete the process and proceed with the payment.

You can either choose a physical support (i.e., a card) or a phone support (more information in this, here). In this case, you will have to download the ATM app in your phone, log in with your details and download the card into your phone, which will cost €1. I personally use the phone support and I must say it’s really convenient: you tap your phone against the validation machine and the gates open almost immediately. There is no need to unlock your phone nor to open any app.

I already have my T-mobilitat support. How do I request T-Jove?

Once you have received your T-mobilitat, and your ID has been checked, you are automatically assigned a young profile. This means you can go to any ticket machine in any station, tap your T-mobilitat and buy a T-Jove in that machine.

When you ordered your T-mobilitat card, you weere given the option to already purchase a T-Jove ticket. If you didn’t (or if you are unsure), go to any ticket machine and tap your card. It will immediately tell you if your support has any linked tickets. If it hasn’t, you can buy it and load it on the spot.

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