Getting a refund for a T-Jove

If you are a student, you live in Barcelona or its surroundings and you are a frequent user of public transport, you are very likely to use a T-Jove ticket, which is only available if you are under 26. As you know, university students stopped attending their face-to-face lessons due to the COVID pandemic, and all university teaching is now delivered remotely. You might be wondering, after all, whether a refund is possible.

If your T-Jove was first validated before 16 October, you can apply for a replacement!

You cannot get a money refund on your T-Jove ticket, but you can apply for a free replacement, provided that:

  • You are enrolled in a university course in the Barcelona region.
  • You validated your T-Jove for the first time before 16 October 2020 (in other words, it expires no later than 12 January 2021; the expiration date is written on the back).

Requests can only be made to the ATM (the Metropolitan Transport Authority) using their online form (only available in ES/CA). You have to fill in your details, provide two pictures of your T-Jove and upload your university enrolment document. They will check all this data and they will work out how many days of compensation you are entitled to. Afterwards, they will make a brand-new T-Jove for you (called T-compensació) and you will be able to collect it the nearest collection point.

Your new ticket is supposed to work exactly as the previous one did (but the amount of days may vary, depending on how many days you had left when the face-to-face lessons were cancelled). Even if your T-Jove is still valid and hasn’t expired yet, you can already claim your T-compensació. You will get a non-validated ticket, and only after you validate it for the first time, time will start to run.

You can apply for a replacement of your T-Jove until 31 January 2021. After this time, replacements will not be granted.

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